For Jay, art has been part of his life since he was in diapers.  Back then it was Crayola and paper, but in high school cameras had his attention.  He became the president for his high school's Multi Arts Program in 1999 and all forms of art surrounded him.  The Union Hill High School video team welcomed him a year later and he met some of the most amazing people that could have entered his life.  Mrs. Agnes Dauerman mentored him for years and until this day there's no way he will ever be able to repay her everything she's ever done for him.  He took a break from the art world in 2005 to serve in the military and joined the U.S. Air Force.  In 2012, his twin boys were born, and it was the rebirth of his desire to dive back into the art world that was such a big part of his life a decade earlier.

Having been featured in StreetCover, IBuilt Customs, FarmOfMinds, The Wright Times, The News Argus and the Goldsboro Daily News, car photography wasn't enough for Jay, there was still something missing. He felt the need to rethink his approach.  He found himself wanting to fill the need to connect with people through other mediums, he wanted to promote identity, branding and projects with purpose.  Jay began to work with non-profits and promoting those causes.  He met many fashion and commercial photographers who inspired him to better his craft and expanded his field.

Jay broadened his reach by adding headshots, fashion, commercial and portrait photography as well as videography and graphic design to his repertoire.  He work towards connecting individuals with the path they're looking to take.  Jay loves helping families and friends keep a record of those moments that are so important to them, so that they can look back and remember how great they were. 

Shayna's childhood molded her love for visual arts.  When Shayna was a young child, she would watch her father tattoo people and draw designs for hours.  She aspired to be an artist like her father. In her spare time, she would trace her fathers artwork until it looked just like his.  Her father would apply the outlines of a tattoo with temporary ink, and she would color them with Crayola washable markers.  This is where it all began.

Growing up, Shayna also watched her mother apply her makeup for work everyday.  Her mother's beautiful enhanced look sparked another creative side for Shayna's future.  As a teenager and now adult, Shayna has grown more into makeup not to just enhance beauty but to also share that happiness with others.  She finds joy in bringing happiness to others and teaching different ways to enhance one's look. From simple, natural, and beautiful to big, bold, and fierce!  This fire cannot be tamed.  

In high school, she was gifted a digital camera from her father.  Once she picked it up, she never put it down.  She never wanted to miss a moment.  She would practice taking photos of herself, her sister, landscapes, and family events.  Printing those photos and creating a photo album for every occasion.  Cutting the print papers with zig-zag and swirly scissors, to pop-up art, and extra large stick glue.  Shayna always made sure to put her touch into everything she did.  

Fast forward to the present.  Shayna is now married, with three wonderful sons and tapping back into her love for photography.  Capturing the precious moments of her children bring her an unlimited amount of joy.  Being able to look back and cherish those sweet, silly, happy moments.  She now has gained a different passion for capturing special moments, and being able to bring joy to others.

We help others bridge the gap between them and their visions.  We help them remember to always...Focus on what's important!

​Annie Leibovitz says it best:

“I think that emotional content is an image’s most important element, regardless of the photographic technique. Much of the work I see these days lacks the emotional impact to draw a reaction from viewers, or remain in their hearts.”